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At the start of the development of Hygrolon®, studies was made of epiphytic plants, mosses and ferns natural grow substrate, in other words, bark of different kind.
Bark is made of dead cells of cellulose and lignin.
Natural bark is hygroscopic in different grades depending on type and specie of tree. Epiphytic plants up take the stored water in the bark. Bark has also the ability to distribute and spread water evenly over the surface. The substrate is thus never wet for longer periods of time.

The goal when developing Hygrolon® was to create a material that could mimic and act as an artificial bark/growth substrate. A material that also should be 100% inert and non-decomposable.

We chose PET-plastic as the raw material due to its stable properties. Another great advantage is the fact that it can be processed into a micro fibre.
The extremely thin fibres and the special design of micro fibres make them able to store, wick and transport large amount of water. These properties make them excellent for the purpose.


Microscope pictures of Hygrolon® fibres

The Hygrolon
® structure

The Hygrolon® sheet consist of three layers
Two woven outer sheets separated by a layer of strands of upright nylon fibre.
The outer layers are very hygroscopic and woven in an advanced warp technique that gives it its net structure.
The net design is important to offer roots and air access to the material.

The middle layer acts as an aerating layer that gives roots the perfect balance between air and moisture.

Water that comes in contact with the outer layers is rapidly spread over the entire surface in the same way as a organic material such as bark, xaxim, sphagnum etc.


Hygrolon® Material properties

Raw material Polyetylentereftalat (PET)
Fibre size 0,5 denier (1 gram fiber equals 18.000 meter)
Water holding properties 285%
Salinity initial 3-5 µS
pH Neutral 7,0
Color PMS #411
Weight 310 g / m²
UV UV-stabil
Thickness 3,5 mm




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